Multicultural Baby Board Book, Global Babies

Global Babies is a board book sure to delight little readers and their parents.  Babies love looking at babies. Have you noticed? A mirror can entertain a baby for half an hour. Books with baby faces have been around for decades. In 2007, The Global Fund for Children Published Global Babies, a board book with a unique perspective. This book has the right images to stimulate a baby’s social senses. Babies love contrast, and Global Babies shows infants in a distinctive array of colorful traditional clothing. Baby complexions vary from page to page, and the expressive baby faces feed an older baby’s need to imitate.

global babies book

As a pediatrician, one of many pleasures I see are newborn babies and their proud parents. The new baby looks around the room with an “I know more about the world than you” kind of gaze. I don’t take it personally when a new baby only focuses on me for a few seconds before his or her eyes wander around the room. Babies are born with a need to look, socialize, and learn.

The people that babies see are important for healthy brain development. Research published in the Stanford News, 2012, shows that infants are able to process and recognize faces more quickly than they are able to process and recognize other objects. Recall the early gazing of your baby, and the thrill when his or her eyes followed you around the room. Babies are social and crave human interaction.

Global Babies can be read again and again to stimulate baby brain development.

Babies learn by using all senses. Seeing babies from an array of backgrounds will begin a lifelong interest in learning about people from different cultures. An added perk for parents and caregivers is the nurturing approach of the book.
Each Global Babies book that is purchased benefits the Global Fund for Children. The Global Fund for Children is a child advocacy group that builds organizations with the goal of helping our world’s most vulnerable children.

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Dorothea Jensen says

What a beautiful concept this book embodies. Thanks for bringing it into being! (Wish I had a new grand baby in the family right now to share it with.)

    Lisa Lewis says

    Hi Dorothea, Yes, I have a copy of Global Babies at my desk with my “adult” books. You might enjoy a book called Babies Celebrated, by Beatrice Fontanel and Claire d’Harcourt (published in 1998). The entire book has information about cross-cultural parenting, with engaging photos of babies, babies and more babies from around the world.

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