The Mysterious Origin of the American Easter Bunny

For centuries, Easter eggs have been delivered by the Easter Bunny within America. Hundreds of years ago, eggs were forbidden during Lent. After Easter, once Lent would end, Christians were again allowed to eat eggs in abundance. But how did the Easter Bunny delivering eggs on Easter tradition come to exist?

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To understand this tradition, one first needs to understand the trading behind Easter eggs themselves. Egg decorating dates back to the 13th Century. And, in the 19th Century, Russians began decorating their eggs with jewels and intricate patterns. Eggs represent Christ’s new life. Gifts of eggs at Easter, as a marking of the end of Lent, date back to the medieval period. In fact, King Henry the VIII., at a young age, received a special egg enclosed in a silver case from the Vatican. But how exactly did the Easter Bunny start delivering them?

Easter Around the World

Well, according to the evidence available, Americans can thank the German immigrants for the Easter Bunny tradition. In Germany, the origin of the Easter Bunny is still mysterious (Rumor has it that the original egg deliverer in Germany was a fox!). Knowing this information, it is easy to put together how the bunny started delivering eggs in the United States. Originally, German children located in Pennsylvania would make nests in their bonnets where the bunnies would lay “colored eggs.” The tradition then spread throughout the United States, which led to yummy treats such as chocolate and candy being delivered on Easter morning. The nests were replaced by baskets, and to this day many baskets still have “Easter grass” that resembles these nests, for the laying of Easter eggs. All this excitement led to Easter Egg hunts, which caught on like wildfire. Adding to the fun are “Easter egg rolls,” where eggs are yes, um, rolled. These Easter egg rolls symbolize rolling away of the stone from Christ's tomb. Still today, eggs delivered by the bunny participate in the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House every Monday after Easter.

Easter Around the World

For more information on Germany's Easter traditions, reference Why Do Germans Give Easter Gifts? from Let the Journey Begin.


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