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Getting your baby to sleep peacefully all night

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Peacefully – All Night!

Word is out that parents in Brazil (and many other countries) nurture their baby to sleep AND get a good night's rest. I have spoken to more than one Brazilian mother who finds letting your baby fuss to

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Keep Baby Free of Botulism

Should I Worry About Infant Botulism?

Infant botulism is a dangerous disease that can be prevented in most cases. The most common cause of infant botulism in babies is swallowing Clostridium botulinum spores. The second most common cause is

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Should You Hand Feed Your Baby?

Is Hand Feeding Your Baby Chunky Foods Acceptable?

Hand feeding is gently placing food, whether chunky or pureed, in a child’s mouth. In many areas of China, children are routinely hand fed chunky solid foods until they are school age. A child can feed

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