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Head banging may seem deliberate, but often the behavior is simply a child's form of self soothing. Here's information and advice for this common behavior.

Head Banging Information and Advice

My baby is ten months old, and I notice he likes to bang his head against the crib. I’m worried he will hurt himself. How do I stop the head banging?   As infants grow into toddlers, sometimes

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How to Detect and Prevent LEAD exposure

How to Detect and Prevent LEAD Exposure

I have a baby that crawls around and puts everything in his mouth. My parents are re-modeling their house. How do I prevent him from getting lead exposure and poisoning?       Lead poisoning

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Behavioral Biting in Toddlers

My 15 month old daughter is biting everyone, all the time. Her cousin only bit when he was upset.  Anna bites when she is happy, sad or angry. It hurts. I am afraid she is going to get kicked out of

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