• Do you like to turn on an infant sleep machine (ISM) or otherwise provide “white noise” to help your baby sleep? A recent study published March 3, 2014 in Pediatrics, titled Infant Sleep Machines and Hazardous Sound Pressure Levels concludes that ISMs are “capable of producing output sound pressure levels that may be damaging to infant hearing and auditory development.” [...]

  • Biting is a very common problem in babies and toddlers. Biting usually occurs with an emotion. Your child may bite when he is happy, feeling energetic, angry or frustrated. Choosing to bite does not make her a defiant child. Her biting shows you she is testing the limits and expressing her emotions. [...]

  • Maria Babin, blog author of Busy as a Bee in Paris!

    Some months ago, I decided to come up with a name for my blog. I am not a person who likes to name things. I worry about names and titles. (My upcoming book is currently being edited, and the book remains nameless!) So, I had a contest.  [...]

  • Do you ever wonder if your new baby should sleep share the same room for a few months? So do many other parents. New babies are more content and fair well if they are close to their parents. A more comfortable, accessible sleep area is more convenient for nipple feeding through the night. [...]